G&R Force Security

G&R Force Security are a close protection security company based in South Wales who look after a number of high profile stars. They travel with the Wales football team to away matches and have looked after rugby and football teams playing in Wales, including Real Madrid at the 2017 Champions League final.

They wanted a new logo and website that reflected the quiet, unobtrusive service they provide for their high-end clients.

There were two influences in the design of the new logo. Firstly, there is a nod to the military past of the company’s founders. Secondly, we followed the styling of luxury car brands to reflect the typical clients that G&R look after.

The black, grey and white colour scheme, is deliberately understated, with the red adding an accent of colour when needed.

To complete the project we created a website for G&R, listing the company’s skills, services and testimonials from satisfied clients.

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