Marketing Plans

Guide Customers to the Point Of Sale with one of our bespoke Marketing Plans.

Wouldn’t a bit of simplicity be good right now?

That’s what your customers think too. 

With the assault for attention ratcheting up every year, what your customers want is accessible, streamlined, hassle-free solutions.

Above all, they want the companies they buy from to help them make progress in their lives, whether that’s assessing a product or buying a solution that gets our job done. 

So it’s time to stop pondering what to do about that dusty old Twitter account that hasn’t had an original post on it for years, and start creating a Marketing Plan that crafts an elegant customer journey that gives people the answers they need and the products they want. 

New Realm created the whole identity system that enabled us to brand our business effectively to build up recognition in the marketplace.
Feedback has been extremely positive and we are delighted with it. We’d have no hesitation recommending New Realm to any business that would like to create a distinct look for their brand.

Gavin Beary
Director, Chapel Row Architecture

Creating your Marketing Plan

We’ll work with you, your team and, where possible, your customers, to lock down the most efficient pathway to reach your target market, from that initial point of awareness to sale.

Channel evaluation

Less is more. You don’t need to be on every channel. We’ll help you identify the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers and define the specific mix to use going forward. 

Building the customer journey

In the digital era, customers don’t necessarily move in a linear path to buy a product. Your physical and online channels need to work seamlessly together. We’ll work with you to ensure there is a consistency of experience and brand across your business. 

Helping customers purchase

By putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we will better understand what they want at each step of the journey and provide them with beneficial content that answers their questions and helps them buy. 

Infusing your brand into the journey

It’s about being authentic and human. You need to be you anywhere the customer interacts with you. We’ll work with you to ensure your brand voice, look and experience is correctly infused across your business. 

Case Studies

It’s one thing for us to say it, but it’s better coming from our customers. 

Take a look at some of our successful projects here:

3EA Three Estate Agents

The strategy behind the creation of a brand identity for the launch of a new Estate Agency.

CDS Security Systems

A brand refresh and marketing plan for an established company.

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