Designing a Logo

Creating the right look for your brand

It happens – you grow the business, sales are coming in and there is only so much time in a day, right? Some jobs just fall down the priority list, including updating that logo your mate’s cousin did for you when you first started out. You know, the one that you were never really happy with and looks just that little bit different on your website compared to your business card, your expensive work polo shirts, your office signs and your van. 

Creating a brand that gets recognised and sets you apart from your competitors is an essential component in your ongoing commercial success. 

You’ll need a design partner who can see your vision for your businesses and understand strategically how the brand design will represent you and play a key part in driving your business forward. 

What do you get?

Included in our service are:

  • Management support to agree the project brief.
  • Style scapes that provide a curated visual reference, to help you determine the design direction for your projects. 
  • A suite of final logo designs, in a range of agreed formats that can be practically utilised from day one. 
  • Brand Guidelines. Your brand bible, which contains all the technical and creative information you need to ensure you can apply the brand across every aspect of your business now and for years to come. 
  • All vector images (Adobe Illustrator / PDF) of the final approved logo, to provide you with the “master copy” you need to ensure your brand can be consistently applied across all aspects of your business. 
  • Agreed digital assets from the guide that you can turn into marketing collateral right from the get-go. This typically includes business card designs, letter heads, compliment slips, pop-up banner designs, social media artwork etc. 

How do we Work?

It starts with a free creative meeting where we discuss your goals and challenges. It’s about making an initial diagnosis on what you need and if we are right for you. 

We’ll also chat through our process in a bit more detail, so you’ll know what’s expected of you at the key stages. 

New Realm created the whole identity system that enabled us to brand our business effectively to build up recognition in the marketplace.
Feedback has been extremely positive and we are delighted with it. We’d have no hesitation recommending New Realm to any business that would like to create a distinct look for their brand.

Gavin Beary
Director, Chapel Row Architecture

The Brief

The next stage is to create a brief for the project which gets down on paper a clear vision with agreed goals and outcomes. 

We’ll uncover with you what associations your branding needs to evoke in your customers, in addition to a practical analysis of where the brand needs to be displayed across your business and what parameters we should be aware of. 


The team will spend time researching your business, customers, competitors and industry. 

Style Scapes

From our research we’ll present to you a number of Style scapes that will help us decide on the creative direction for the project. 

This happens before any actual logo design starts, and helps guide us to the right destination.

Logo Presentation

We’ll present to you approximately 4-6 worked up logo designs for you to choose from. 

Our goal here is to find the design concept you like the most, which we can then take into the final design phase and complete as your final new logo design.

Logo Development

With your chosen design concept, we can make amendments to develop it into the shiny new symbol of your company. This involves modifications to the colours, font, and small tweaks to the brand mark. 

Brand Guidelines

Once we have the logo completed we’ll move onto the Brand Guidelines.

This will involve us creating a digital booklet that formalises the use of your logo, colours, fonts, etc. This means that your staff are all clear on how to use your brand style to maximum effect in all communications. As a result, your brand is used consistently, leading to increased recognition. 

Digital Assets

With the guidelines completed, we’ll export all the agreed digital and print-ready assets from the Guidelines document, so that they are ready for immediate use.

Wrap Up

We enjoy working with several trusted partners from other creative companies, such as signage companies, printers, etc., and can help you connect to these key contacts to facilitate the production of your marketing collateral.

We are thrilled with the logo and branding designs that New Realm have created for our company. They express perfectly what our company is all about and have definitely given us the wow factor we were hoping for!

The whole process was very professionally handled from start to finish, whilst also feeling very personal to our company.

Case Studies

It’s one thing for us to say it, but it’s better coming from our customers. 

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