About Us

New Realm is a creative branding agency set up to create and foster positive perceptions of your business, big or small.

We won’t try to sell you ad space, and we know that anyone with a computer can print a flyer or a poster featuring their logo.

We do something different. We listen to the story of your business.

In some cases, we even help our clients rediscover what made them fall in love with that business concept in the first place.

Nobody can be complacent anymore. We live in a fast-paced world, and when a business doesn’t move fast enough to manage their perception – people will create their own. But moving fast is only half the answer to crafting the perfect perception with your target market. A fast set of ads without depth will no longer cut it in a market place saturated by choice.

That’s where New Realm set themselves apart from other marketing agencies. We plot the road map to understanding what the heart of your business is. Then, we offer that up to people in the form of a story – your story.

This story is told in the form of an engaging, multi-platform brand campaign. Instead of using flyers or posters to paper over a hastily contrived marketing strategy, we base our creative branding content on the core of what it means to be you.

Once we have a branding strategy in place based on the essence of who you are as a business, we can continue to manage customer perceptions and increase your profitability. New campaigns can be mounted, and new products can be launched – all with the knowledge that the roadmap to success can be traced again and again, because we started our branding journey by exposing the world to something that can never be replicated or forged: the story of what it means to be you.

This is the New Realm approach. We give you the tools and the confidence to tell your own story, and in doing so unlock a new frontier of marketing possibilities available just beyond the horizon.


Success has no boundaries.

Only frontiers.