• Launching a new business? Then it’s time to stand out. 
  • Been in the game for a while? Let’s give you a professional image to match the reputation you’ve built up. 
  • Do you like your existing logo but it needs updating? We can give it an on-point freshen up.  

We’ve helped local businesses in Rhondda Cynon Taf grow, with design, branding and marketing support for over 10 years. 

Our local team are ready to design you an eye-catching logo that’s going to set you apart from the competition. 

You can take a look at just a few of our projects here, or read on and find out why it’s critical to invest in a bespoke logo for your business. 

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Here are just a few local companies that we have designed for​

Why do I need a bespoke logo?

It’s competitive out there right? Add to that how distracted everyone is and it’s never been more important to stand out, get recognised quickly and build a base of loyal customers. 

Your logo is the symbol which will help customers identify you. There is no room in the marketplace for something that’s half-baked, uninspiring or even worse, used by other companies. 

Customer expectations are through the roof and even local companies are expected to deliver like a national brand. Your image is the first thing you’ll be judged on. So getting your logo right is key.

It’s important to understand that designing a logo is not simply about creating a cool little graphic. 

A bespoke logo is the central element of your visual identity. It is from this original design that the whole look and feel of your brand is generated. 

So if you want to get noticed, you’d better be original and a bespoke logo is the first visual step in that process. 

How much does a logo design cost?

Logo prices can vary depending on the size of the design project.
To make things as straightforward as possible for our local customers in South Wales we have two set packages, plus the option for a completely bespoke service. 

Logo Design Package

Our starting logo design package is £450+VAT

If you search online you will find logo designers that appear cheaper. So it’s important to understand what is included in our service so you can compare apples with apples.

We don’t take the basic approach of generating multiple cute little graphics and tell you to pick one. We work with you to create a bespoke brandmark that will be a true asset to your business. This involves strategic and creative support to create a design that will grab people’s attention and help your business look great, now and in years to come. 

Brand Guidelines Package ​

The brand guidelines package starts at £950+VAT

For this, we will design not just the logo, but the whole look and feel of the company, including many of the marketing assets you will need. 

Our brand guidelines package goes beyond just the logo stage, and we’ll work with you to create a system of design to ensure a consistent look across your business to boost brand recognition fast. 

How do I get ideas for a logo design?

The most important step when generating ideas for your business is to understand who you are and what’s your appeal. 

Once you understand this, it becomes much easier to start generating the right ideas that will help create an authentic design that customers will love. 

Generating ideas for your logo project is, of course, part of what we do. After working with you to define a brief we will create several “Style Scapes”, which offer different creative directions for your logo project and will be packed full of ideas.  

To see examples of style scapes click here

Of course, it’s helpful to look online and curate brand designs that you like, but remember, all these designs have been created for a specific brief, that may be similar to yours. but will not have been designed specifically for you

Rather than look at specific elements of the design itself, ask yourself what you like about the design in terms of its overall style and what it says to you (is it empowering, is it nostalgic, does it make you think of fun times)?

How long does it take to get a logo?

Typically it takes approximately 4 weeks to design a bespoke logo from start to finish.

(If we are designing the full brand guidelines then this could take longer. See below.)  

The 4-week timescale does not fully take into account any lengthy decision time you may need as the client. For example, if your decision time at each stage of development is only a couple of days then we should hit the four week target. If, on the other hand, you take two weeks at each stage of the development, then this would naturally impact the overall project time. 

The last thing we want you to do is to choose a logo and not be completely sure it’s the one for you. We won’t unnecessarily push you towards a decision just to speed up the process. 

At the outset, we agree on a brief and what we feel is a realistic timescale for us both, and we always aim to deliver on that deadline. 

What colours should I pick for my logo?

The choice of colour for your logo is extremely important. For the majority of us, colour is the first element we observe when recognising a brand. From Tiffany’s distinctive blue to Coca-Cola’s all American red and white, we instantly know who it is just from the distinguishable colours. 

Colour choice is also important when generating the right emotional response in the viewer. For example, in the UK we associate blue with trust, and black with sophistication. 

We will show you your preferred logo design in several colourways for you to pick your final favourite version. 

What do I get from my bespoke logo design?

Gone are the days when you could use one logo version on everything. Nowadays, there are too many platforms where your logo needs to be present, even for a small business. 

Our starting logo pack will provide you with your main logo design and several official versions of it to use in different contexts (e.g. Colour inverted options, black on white, white on black, horizontal and stacked)

At the end of the project, you will be sent digitally a logo pack that includes all of the source files (Illustator, EPS, PDF) along with everyday use exports (Jpegs and PNGs).

We will also provide a handy quick guide that will break down the colours and fonts used. 

This will ensure that wherever you apply your logo you will have the right version.

On top of this, you will have been through our design process and be confident that you have adopted the right approach to get a stand out logo that you love for your business.  

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