3EA – Three Estate Agents

New Realm was delighted to create a new brand identity for Three Estate Agents.

Having previously worked with the same group to develop the branding for the Landlords Letting Company, it was nice to be invited back to support them in their move to the new frontier of Estate Agency. 

The Challenge

Develop a standout brand identity for a new estate agency based in a competitive local market.


A complete brand launch, with the new brand identity implemented across all customer touchpoints, including digital, advertising, outdoor and office branding. 

The Brief

two men looking at a laptop

Three Estate Agents offers just that: three ways to sell your property.  

Although a new agency, the team boasts over 45 years of combined experience in the property industry, providing the knowledge base for a fresh approach to the property market.

Three Estate Agents had a great fresh approach and needed a brand identity to communicate their ethos, personality and one that will create differentiation.

The Creative Journey

The first stage was to work with the team to define the brand positioning and personality of Three Estate Agents. 

Firstly, we created a positioning map of their main local competitors to identify the sweet spot that they could occupy.

Secondly, we worked on key messages to support their position. 

Having achieved this we created a series of Mood Boards that offered several viable creative directions. When the team selected which directions they preferred, we moved into the logo design stage. 

Logo Creation

We presented four Logo designs to the team for their initial consideration. 

The Directors went into a period of market research and consultation so that they could gather feedback on the designs. 

After the final option was agreed upon we then went into a development stage of deciding on the colourway. 

Colours are particularly important for estate agents because the right colours enable their boards to really pop out and be distinctive. This helps makes their boards recognisable among the numerous other estate agents in the same High Street and local areas. 

We presented several colour ways. After further market research the final choice was made for a modern, fresh brand with a welcoming approach. 

Developing the Brand

The next stage saw the creation of the brand’s identity system with a full set of guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all customer touchpoints. 

Brand guidelines ensure that all work is accurately designed under one system, and can be used as a filter to ensure everything stays consistent and ‘on brand’. 

Consistency is vital for building up brand recognition. Attention to detail is also one of the biggest factors that separate the leading brands from the also-rans.

Having a fully developed set of brand guidelines ensures your identity is strong and impactful now and for years to come. 


estate agents sales documents

Once the Guidelines had been approved we then worked with Three Estate Agents to implement the brand across all touchpoints. 

We produced all the print and digital assets needed for a full launch. 

This included everything from business cards, letterheads, sales documents, website and social media assets. 


The response to the branding was overwhelmingly positive. 

Three Estate Agents have had a fantastic first half year and are expanding to deal with demand.