Barber Jon’s

Working on the Barber Jon’s lifestyle brand project was very inspiring and an uplifting story of how effort and vision can combine to transport you to a new frontier. 

Whilst Barber Jon utilised the support of New Realm to create and implement his brand, every other aspect of the business was literally built by his own hands to make it happen.

derelict building
renovated building used as a barber's shop

The Challenge

Develop a lifestyle brand for a new barber shop in a competitive local market. 


A complete brand launch, with a new brand identity that embodied the values of fellowship, brotherhood and retro style. Barber Jon’s is a space to relax and leave feeling more confident with a fresh trim. 

The Brief

Create a vintage rock-influenced brand that would differentiate the business in a competitive local market and work as a standout brand mark for men’s hair care products. 

The Creative Journey

Barber Jon had a clear direction in mind for his shop’s identity, so we focused our curation of ideas around one specified theme of “traditional values, new look”.

Logo Creation

We presented three Logo designs for initial consideration with the final choice selected very shortly after. 

The bold monochrome colourway was settled on and we moved into the brand design stage.

Sign for Barber Jon's shop

Developing the Brand

The challenge with an elaborate, vintage style logo is that it needs to retain its distinctiveness whilst fitting well across all the platforms and customer touchpoints required.

From profile pics, packaging of hair products and apparel to large format signage, there were numerous placements for the Barber Jon brand.

We also implemented the brand across all digital platforms including social media and the website


The new branding has helped Barber Jon create a real stand out identity in the local area and market, and the business has been a huge success since launch. 

Barber Jon’s apparel and products are popular gifts and keeping up with demand has been a challenge.