Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture Mediation is a new business start-up based in Devon.

With a considered approach that blends professional and human solutions, their mission is to guide their customers through stress-free dispute resolution. 

Directors Helen and Andrew were referred to us through a client and mutual friend who had experienced our brand development and felt we were just what they needed to help their new venture launch. 

The Brief

Recognising the importance of establishing a new brand quickly in a competitive market, Bigger Picture wanted to represent their fresh approach to mediation with an identity that balanced creativity with professionalism. 

Being fully aware that recognition and recall are essential when trying to build awareness they asked us to create their full identity with a brand guidelines package. 

The creative journey

Having understood the core values of Bigger Picture and undertaken a competitor analysis within their sales region, we created several Stylescapes that would help the team visualise the creative directions available to them. 

Logo Development

The next stage was to present the shortlisted logo designs. One of the important considerations we have at this stage is to ensure the design is versatile by being able to go work across several different platforms and placements.

Having something futureproof was also a key consideration for the clients as not all of their channels would be up and running in the first year but wanted to avoid a rebrand down the line by having a design that would drop in when needed. 

Developing the Brand

The Bigger Picture team favoured a creative logo of intertwining circles. 

The visual language symbolically suggested the confusing nature of disputes but the closer you get to Bigger Picture the clearer things become. 

We designed the logo as a “contextual design”. The days of only needing one logo version are becoming a thing of the past as customers expect to have the same experience from a brand whether it’s on a desktop, smartphone or when visiting an office. Brands need to be able to scale up or down based on the context they are in. 

The arrangement of the circles can also be adapted to suit the context. Here, the circles spread out upwards leaving space for text underneath.


We created a full set of guidelines to help the team deploy the brand across their business. The guidelines provide everything they need from the use of the contextual logos and everything else you’d expect to need such as colour pallet, fonts, etc


After coming highly recommended to us, and interviewing a few different companies we decided to use New Realm Creative for our business branding. 

They weren’t the cheapest around but after talking to Matt we were confident that he understood our brief in detail. New Realm came up with 6 logo choices for us, all of which were good and it took us a while to pick. For us it was more than just a logo but a brand and colour scheme that we wanted to implement for our business to stand out in the legal industry. 

Our website designer was very pleased with the pack supplied by New Realm as it also made his job easier to produce the website in line with our brand.

We were very impressed with New Realm’s professionalism throughout the process and for all the help getting our business launched with PowerPoint presentations, letterheads and card templates. 

I would highly recommend New Realm to anyone looking for a business start-up or rebrand 

Helen Blake. Director, Bigger Picture Mediation.