Logo for Darran Grant Plumbing & Heating

Darran Grant

We are delighted to have undertaken the brand refresh for Darran Grant: Plumbing. Heating. Renewables. 

Darran Grant is a well respected heating, plumbing and renewable energy company in South Wales. 

As the company has grown over the last several years, the Director felt it was time to update and refresh the brand.

Logo for Darran Grant Plumbing & Heating

Our key goals in the rebrand were to create a stand-out, updated brand look. We aimed to target a more affluent market, and to ensure consistent identity across all the company’s marketing assets. 

We presented three different options for the logo. The logo selected was then presented in three different colour schemes to be sure we had the best possible outcome for the company. 

We really enjoyed working with Darran Grant and wish Darran and his company the best of luck with their development plans. 

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