Under the Sea

New Realm was asked by our long-standing client Diamond Centre Wales to create an idea that would help develop growth from their top-end clients. 

The Brief

“Inspire our most valuable clients to explore our state-of-the-art jewellery design capabilities”. 

The brief was to create event branding that would enable Diamond Centre Wales to deliver an enhanced experience to its highest net-worth clients for top-end growth. 

The Challenge

The Diamond Centre Wales brand is already synonymous with quality, excellence, expertise and fine bespoke jewellery. To build on this, we had to create a new initiative for their most valuable clients, enabling them to experience bespoke jewellery in an exciting yet personal way. 

The Diamond Centre’s mantra is that everyone deserves a unique piece of jewellery that is as individual to them as their fingerprint. This new initiative had to fit in with the overall brand strategy yet offer something new. 


Club 58 logo

We devised an endorser brand called Club 58. 

Club 58 derived its name from the number of facets in a brilliant round diamond. The club membership was also limited to 58 customers. 

Club 58 provides a number of exclusive benefits to its members. These include invitations to Collecton launches, access to your personal designer, imagination zones and targeted newsletters with news on Club activities.

Summer Event Branding

Under the Sea art-deco logo

The most recent event was the Summer 2018’s Under The Sea event. 

Inspired by the magic of the ocean, a number of aquatic-themed pieces were created exclusively for Club 58 members. 


Girl in black dress in moonlit sea

The Summer event would unveil a stunning new collection and the Diamond Centre showroom was to be given a ‘Blue Planet’ makeover! For us, this included:

  • Managing a bespoke photo shoot
  • Designing the collection branding
  • Design of the gallery of A0 prints
  • Internal environment branding
  • Outdoor branding
  • Digital mail campaign
  • Website content
  • A printed event brochure
  • Social media 


The Under The Sea event was DCW’s most successful so far. 

The event attendance was the highest with a number of