The Outstand project was both a very interesting and enjoyable commission. We used our Brand Road Map to help a highly skilled team bring together and launch their consultancy with a clear message and brand design to match.

The Challenge

Our first step was to understand more about their offering, which is to help organisations thrive in future markets by leveraging all of the human talent available.

The Brand Road Map

Once we’d gained an understanding of the future world of work and the challenges that will face all organisations, we led the Outstand team through our Brand Road Map process.

The first step was to create customer profiles and likely scenarios, and run those through our business diagnostic tool to view all the deliverables across the business. 

Then, using this analysis and the information from our meeting with Outsand, we created a big idea that both summed up what they stood for and made sense across all their activities. 

We then created a detailed marketing plan that connected the Oustand message and brand to high-level executives. 

The Design Process

Using what we had learned through the Brand Road Map, we finally moved on to the design stage. We went through our usual process of presenting the client with three options. The client chooses their favourite and we then work together, refining it to meet their needs exactly.

The new world of work will be a non-linear, yet connected marketplace where non-traditional leaders will need to connect talent to achieve new challenges.

The asymmetrical logo with the pods represented this and Outstand’s ability to help companies make this change to meet the demands of tomorrow. 


Maternity advert

The next stage was to develop the Outstand logo into a detailed set of brand guidelines. This specified how the logo, fonts, colours and photography style would combine to create an overall brand look.

Finally, this style was applied to Outstand’s new promotional campaign and marketing assets.

Shown are an advert we created, a page from the Brand Guidelines and an A4 document folder.


Round O logo made up of coloured bubbles

Outstand is a people consultancy which offers a myriad of offers to clients across a number of sectors. It is grown by word of mouth and recommendation.

To take growth to the next level, I needed to focus my offering, tell a clear story which would engage my clients and present a brand which would stand out and impress.

Matt worked with me in a step-by-step process to achieve all of the above. He took a supportive, facilitative yet challenging approach to my thinking. We worked together to focus what I offer to make it easier for clients to understand and buy. We then worked on my visual branding to position my company in the market place as professional yet still capturing the essence of my personal style.

I’d recommend Matt if you want to take your small business to the next level.

Paula Maxwell, Director