CDS Security Systems

How our Brand Road Map helped this well-established company refine their branding and marketing for the future.

Since 1985, CDS has been at the forefront of security system technology, design, installation and integration, protecting the UK’s public and infrastructure and aiding law enforcement by capturing vital information.

The Challenge

As a leading company in the industry, CDS felt it was time to better reflect its position in the marketplace by upscaling its brand and marketing presence. 

We were hired to create a strategic ‘Road Map’ of upgrades that included refreshing the brand, creating a marketing plan and two new websites

Refreshing the brand: We identified that the original logo was a little flat and lacked impact.

Whilst keeping the same design, we made the colours deeper and bolder, and improved the digital pattern in the globe.

Creating the Road Map

With the scope of the project covering almost every aspect of CDS’s brand and marketing activities, we worked with an internal group of Senior Managers to create a clear vision for the project and set out the key milestones that we’d need to reach to get us there. 

The fundamental step is to create a clear brand proposition on which to build the marketing platform. 

With over thirty years in the industry, CDS have always taken pride in working on the edge of innovation and development. Balancing serious technical capabilities with a pragmatic understanding of business pressures, their clients are assured they can ‘Be Secure In Our Knowledge’.

Brand Development

CDS and its sister company GEM Security Systems both required a brand refresh and website updates. 

With the existing brand mark established with the client base and deployed extensively across the business, we decided to refresh the existing logo to maintain the connection with the customers whilst offering a modern freshen-up. A ‘branded house’ of logos was created to encompass all of CDS’s business assets. Comprehensive brand guidelines set out the proper use of the branding to ensure a consistent and organised rollout. 

The refreshed branding was applied to two new websites, livery, print and signage. 

Marketing Development

From a content perspective, we wanted to let CDS’s track record do the talking. We worked with their Senior Managers, clients and suppliers to create a portfolio of case studies that would help the sales team bring to life the benefits to potential new clients, through these projects. 

From a sales perspective, we trained several customer-facing staff to utilise Linkedin to raise awareness of the business and create profitable connections for potential new business wins.


“We have been working closely with New Realm since 2017. From having no brand strategy or content marketing, New Realm has addressed the company’s targets through a well-planned guide.

We have been taken on a journey, identifying the brand needs that have been laid out for us in an easy to follow structure. This has allowed all the focus to be on what is in the best interest of the company and has prioritized what matters to us.

The level of professionalism has been seamless, with the friendly working relationship that delivers high-quality results. Our business needs have been interpreted better than we initially imagined, thanks to the knowledge and understanding of New Realm. We couldn’t be happier with the service that New Realm has provided as we now finally have a digital presence that reflects the company’s ethos.”

David Moon. Senior Manager. CDS Systems.