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New Realm is a dynamic marketing agency that helps SMEs overcome many of the common issues faced when trying to organise marketing activities. These include:

I haven’t got a marketing strategy

Often the marketing is an undesired afterthought by a very busy owner/director who is juggling a multitude of tasks.

I don’t know where to start…

There are a lot of great opportunities to connect with your customers, but searching the web soon creates a feeling of ‘information overload’.

It’s hard to come up with good ideas…

Finding those moments of inspiration can be difficult if you are also juggling every other aspect of your business. This can be even more challenging if being creative is not your forte. Plus, without a strategy, every idea will seem a little detached and isolated.

I haven’t got the time…

It’s a vicious circle: without the right resources, many business owners often have to fit marketing activities in when they can. This can lead to a short term focus which is hard to break out of. This severely hampers ROI on marketing investments.

I don’t see the results…

There are lots of options, choices, offers and ideas out there. This makes it vital to have a strong, clear idea that sets you apart and guides you over the long haul.

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